3 Ways to Consistently Sell Your Stuff

Every single day of the week I’m asked ‘How and Where Can I Sell My Inventory of ‘Stuff’… I got the following question from a guy name Kelin and thought I’d share his question and my answer — enjoy!

My wife does something almost identical, where she purchases old furniture and brings it back to life to sell it. She does a little more of the upholstery aspects as well. Our challenge is finding opportunities to sell her items. She has a website, twitter account, facebook, and good old handing out business cards….and we also do vintage shows during the winter months. But she would like to get more exposure and more furniture out there.

She gets compliments on her work and sells things from time to time, but we would like for this to be more consistent. We do a great job of finding low cost items where her profit margins would be great………Do you have any suggestions as to other ways or places to sell? We are willing to try anything…..thanks for your help.

Suggestions on Selling Your Stuff:

1) You all are going to have to spend money on some local advertising. I live close to Atlanta — but further out in the suburbs, about 30 minutes away. The smaller towns we’re in have local newspapers. While we don’t advertise in the physical paper, we do advertise on the newspaper website, plus it’s cheaper and the ad typically stays up for 30-days versus one-day in the printed paper.

Look at this site for example: http://www.daily-tribune.com

Look in the right column of that site and you’ll see square box ads. When I lived in that town we ran ads there every month. There was no better value for the money. We got sooo much local business from the site buying our products/services it was insane. The people who clicked on the ad were routed to our website where they saw our selection of stuff for sale. We also advertised in neighboring towns with newspaper websites too. Just start with one or two websites and add more as your profits increase. People have to see her selection of furniture in order to buy it…

2) Start mailing a newsletter to your existing customers. Always remember, a buyer is a buyer is a buyer. They’ll buy from you over and over again if you show them something they want. Dropping a newsletter with about 12-24 photos of items available for sale will help keep things consistent. Plus, newsletters have a habit of sitting around for a while — oftentimes, visitors to their homes will see the newsletter and inquire about some of the furniture. If you can’t afford to mail monthly, mail at a minimum every 3-months. People have to be reminded constantly of what you have. Stay in front of prior customers with a newsletter — plus, she can insert a spot in the newsletter informing people that she’ll find them whatever they’re looking for, or that she does custom work too. Don’t let another customer buy from you without getting their mailing address — e-mail is NOT as effective as a physical newsletter.

3) Obviously, make sure she’s posting on Craigslist – consistently. Make sure the photos are done well. People don’t buy in many cases because the photographs do it an injustice. I’ve literally purchased stuff from people on Craigslist for real cheap because they couldn’t sell it and they just wanted it gone. I’d simply pick it up and take great photos/video and resell it for 5 times more than I paid…without ever improving it or touching it. I just took the time to put up nice photos. Videos always helped me move my stuff faster and get more money too…

4) Your website is a great tool to sell from. If you don’t have a website, you’re missing out big time. You MUST have one if you want to make the big money. Once your website is built, it doesn’t cost anything to upload your furniture or other items for sale. It’s the perfect place to showcase what you have. Plus, when people come to your website to review your items, they can join your online newsletter, they can tweet about it and they can ‘Like’ it onto their Facebook page. There’s just sooo many more options available to you when you have your own website.

In addition to that, you can point all of your advertisements directly to your website for even more exposure. I’ve had people order stuff from me in Dallas Texas because they wandered onto my website.


This business is real and you can make a boatload of money flipping furniture and/or anything else you wish to flip. If you haven’t taken a look at our training course, feel free to do so by clicking here!


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    My primary question at this point is…what is the best way to learn how to know what to pay and what to charge?
    Thanks, very interested in your program…your videos are great!
    ps…I now live in St Louis but graduated from high school at South Cobb

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    I have 3 questions that I would really like the opportunity to ask and know that you will answer. I am very serious about your course/program and am ready to act upon getting these few questions answered. How long should I allow for the answers? I know that you do much more than answer these emails but have submitted already and would just like to know expectations…don’t want to buy something that the brains behind it disappear once you buy. I appreciate your offering this course sincerely and hope that I hear from you.
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