How to Make Quick Cash TODAY Flipping Furniture, Antiques, Appliances, Handbags and Much More!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to earn some quick cash, then you are at the right place. My name is Cartess Ross, and today I’m going to introduce you to the exciting world of flipping.

Flipping Furniture for Profit is where I teach you how to find and buy the stuff people want and need, and how to quickly get it sold for a quick, and hefty profit.

Imagine going out and buying an entire bedroom suite… The bed, the dressers, sofas, chairs, armoire, and mirrors – all of it.

And imagine paying only a few hundred dollars for all of this, and then flipping it for $1,500.00 CASH… It happens everyday of the week, and I’ll show you where local auctions and estate sales are happening in your area — so you can find incredible deals like these!

Not just furniture, but what about handbags. In the past, we’ve sold vintage Gucci handbags and vintage Chanel bags for HUGE profits!

We’ve bought tons of gumball and candy machines too. Kept a few for ourselves to earn residual income, and sold the rest for quick profits.

In this business, you can flip anything…I’d like to introduce you to the world of auctions and estate sales… They’re happening everyday in your towns and neighborhoods. And it’s a great way for you to earn an extra few hundred dollars each week.

What are the requirements?

You don’t need a lot of money to get started… I’ve literally seen people start and grow with a mere $25 investment. No specialized skill-sets or knowledge required. If you’re going to be writing checks, the most you’ll ever need is a state identification card (or drivers license).

This business will require discipline and follow-through! It is NOT a get rich quick scheme, but you can easily put an additional $250-$500 per week in your pocket once you get the hang of this unique model.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 14 lectures breaking down the start-up process
  • How to find local auctions and estate sales
  • What to bring to the auctions so you can get in
  • How to quickly sell your stuff for profit
  • How to stand out and get top dollar for your items
  • Where to find deals
  • And how to make offers

View our entire course curriculum here…


Welcome and Introduction

Identifying a Niche
















scottGreat beginning course for anyone… This is a great course for a person that has had no exposure to E-Bay, Craigslist, auctions etc. I have done a bit of buying at auctions and “flipping” in the past and I plan to begin again. I was familiar with a lot of the material but I still learned a few things, especially about navigating to auction and estate sale listing sites on the web and that alone was worth my price of admission. Cartess Ross comes across as a great guy with a caring heart and he is put together a concise plan for anyone to get started. Scott Haas

There’s absolutely no risk for you to try my course…

This amazingly detailed, cutting edge training is yours instantly for a one lifetime registration fee of only $77.00.

That’s it… Unlike franchises that take a portion of all your sales each month — the money you earn from this business is all yours to keep. There is no ‘other’ more detailed training program to purchase later on — this is the complete training in every way! Even the updates are FREE!

Your investment is backed with my unconditional money-back guarantee!

”If you follow the instructions outlined in my course, and you don’t at least make back the money you spent on my program within 60-days, I’ll give you your money back.”

Heck… if after watching the videos, you decide I’m one ugly looking dude — you can ask for your money back… There are no conditions or restrictions. I want you 100% satisfied and I have no problem assuming all of the risk. I want you to see for yourself that you really can make money with this business!

So is $77 a lot of money, or a little? Well, for some, it’s about the same cost for a nice dinner out and a movie. For others, it might be a bit of a stretch, I don’t know. But I do know there is no other reasonable way you can get set up in this remarkable business and earn thousands of dollars a month. To figure it all out on your own WILL cost you a lot more. And it will take a long time.

I really hope you’ll give my training course a chance — it’ll change your life! I’ll be coaching you every step of the way in using my system to quickly set yourself up in a very lucrative home business!

registernowSo, let’s make this year the year you achieve your most outrageous goals and dreams. Financial independence awaits you and you can only get their if you’re willing to do things differently than you’ve done them before.

If you still have some reservations or questions that are keeping you from comfortably making a decision, I certainly hope you won’t hesitate to post your questions in the box below… I’ll get back to your questions/concerns right away!

Alternatively, you can e-mail me — I welcome your questions! There is a real person behind this website waiting to help you…

  • Timothy says:

    interested in learning how to flip furniture

  • Don Dismang says:

    Hi! My name is Don Dismang and I came across your video about flipping furniture and very interested in the buisness.

  • Casey Broadbent says:

    I’m very interested in doing this, and I’m very good at refinishing wood furniture as well? Is there any need for this as well or is it better to just buy and sell for profit?

    • Flipping Furniture says:

      These additional skill-sets you have can only help you… There is a HUGE market for those who refinishes wood furniture. You can also get stuff much cheaper since you’re willing to clean them up and make them much more presentable — absolutely!

  • Birdie says:

    pls send me more info…videos

  • lin says:

    Ready to see how to flip furniture for profit

  • Christine says:

    I was recently laid off from my company and I have so many fears now. I think this opportunity sounds promising!
    Thank you.

    • Flipping Furniture says:

      It’s a great opportunity and the cash can come in quick!

      • Renee says:

        HI I’m currently buying furniture and some was just given to me the only furniture I try to buy is solid wood ,I bought 4 chairs there were $20 a piece so I reupholstered them an ottoman for $10 and did the same thing to it and a side table I want to sell with one set of the chairs my thing is how to price them

        • Flipping Furniture says:

          Pricing is something you’ll have to determine. You factor in how much you spent to purchase the chairs, factor in the costs for supplies to upholster them, factor in your time for labor… Beyond that, research the marketplace and see how much other chairs similar to what you have are going for.

          I don’t know if what you have are antiques are not … which is why I suggest people choose a niche of furniture they’ll specialize in… This move puts you in a position where you get to know and understand your market so well, you’ll know how to price stuff.

  • kerry says:

    does it matter where a person be able to do this affluently? I i have been trying to flip furniture and other items and people where I live..want things for almost nothing.

    • Flipping Furniture says:

      Doesn’t matter where they live… The key is buying your stuff at the best possible price so you’ll still make money no matter how low you’ve got to sell it for. You must buy right in the biz to be successful!

  • lathan says:

    I’m excited to watch the video and start flipping furniture.

  • French Finesse says:

    Hi everyone. For those interested, I am a British expat living in France. I supply antique furniture exported directly from France primarily the styles of Louis xv – xvi and Henri ii and offer a wide range of general french antique furniture. Search “french furniture” on Google images if you are not already familiar with these styles… they are lovely! You can contact me for further info at kind regards, Matthew.

  • Bruce says:

    Mr. Ross,

    As a beginner in the business, after purchasing this product, will I be able to contact you by email if I have questions as I go along?


  • Titus says:

    How do you know what to offer?

    Do you have a price guide or spreadsheet that tells us what to offer?

    I hate videos, do you have transcripts of your stuff?

    • Flipping Furniture says:

      I don’t have transcripts yet — this is in a video format. We’re working to get this changed for 2015.

  • jonn robertson says:

    send me videos I want to get started right away.

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