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[SOLD] A Freaking DEAL

This sold the same day... NO where would a person get a toddler bed of this quality, with the mattress and the bedding (sheets/blankets). I only paid $10 for it and I priced it at $50.00. Calls came in so very fast and it was gone within a couple hours. I should have at least listed it for $99 or even $75… I would have gotten it! But my goal was to quickly FREE up my cash so I could buy more stuff. As you’ll later learn, I started to specialize in antiques because I was able to get more money…

$10 is all it takes to get into this business when you know where to go get stuff like this at rock bottom prices

[SOLD] Professional Quality Poker Chips & Case

To prove you can make money selling anything, I picked this up at a local auction for $15 bucks (it also included another cheaper poker set too). As you can see in the photos below, the thing was in excellent condition. I posted it on craigslist for $99 and after a few days, I accepted a $55 offer. The guy drove an hour away to come get it. I then up-sold him the other cheaper looking set for $20 bucks when he got here.

YEP… Even you can get started in the flipping business with just $15 in your pocket… That’s all I paid for this set and sold it all for $55 + $20 for a total of $75.00  Where else can you pull in $75.00 off an $15 investment???

[SOLD] Antique Coin Radio

Picked this up at an antiques auction and paid $125 for the thing… A little more than I had liked.… I deliberated for hours on whether or not I was going to sell this thing. Somethings you’d like to keep for yourself and while I’m not a collector of radios, I do recognize and value unique things. This radio played for 2-hours when you insert a quarter into it. Watch the video below to see it in action… I priced it at $495 and later accepted a $300 cash offer.

You can use this strategy to flip anything from antiques to toys and anything in-between.

[SOLD] Fainting Couch / Chaise

Paid $125 for this high-end chaise and flipped it for $299 over the course of a weekend… I found it on The lady was selling an entire suite of stuff. One of her daughters moved in and she didn’t have room to bring in all her furniture. It was taking up all the space in the basement/garage and she needed it gone! We purchased this along with another sofa, pub table and chairs, marble top table, tv and some lamps.

Flipping Furniture for Profit can put cash in your pocket today…