Here’s the FREE Tutorial to Get You Started

In the FREE training tutorial below, I’m going to show you where to go find a local auction and estate sale in your area. Depending on the time of day you’re watching this, you might be able to go catch an auction this evening.

Should you decide to go, I also reveal what you must bring with you to the auction in case you decide to buy something … I don’t recommend you buy anything your first time out, but for you knuckleheads who insist on buying anyways, I’ve included some basic guidelines in the video below — watch it all … It’s all important to your success.


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  • Bruce says:

    Mr. Ross,

    I have watched the videos. You are very believable and I feel you are legitimate.

    I used to think nothing of spending a few dollars on a course, but since I have been out of work for a very long time, I have to be much more careful with my money.

    Do you ever let anyone give you a personal call? It would be brief, and I would have the questions I would like to ask you written down so as to stay on focus.

    This would not be a call where I would just try to steal information with no intention of buying your product, but it would be more of information gathering to decide if this is really something I can do and make some money to help me and my family stay afloat.

    Please let me know if that would be possible.


    Bruce Oliver

    • Flipping Furniture says:

      hi Bruce,

      Sorry for the delay… Been out of town at a HUGE marketing conference where I learned more skills for helping our members sell more of their stuff much faster šŸ™‚

      Unfortunately, I don’t get on the phone much, but you’re more than welcome to post your questions here and they’ll certainly get answered. Plus, it’ll allow everyone else to see the questions/answers and that’ll reduce a lot of the same questions/answers popping up.

      But feel free to ask away, you’ll definitely get an answer!

  • kerry says:

    what do you do different to try to sell the furnuiture when in the area where you live..people don’t want to have to pay hardly anything to buy it..but you need the money?

    • Flipping Furniture says:

      The key is to buy right. You got to buy so that even if you slashed your price by 50% you’d still come out on top… Don’t buy stuff just to be buying. You don’t have to accept every offer. If the numbers don’t work out for you, don’t buy. We cover this in more detail with our training course.

      • Carmen Garcia says:

        After we buy your tutorial will you give us some kind of support if we still have questions. Thanks

  • David says:

    Are you still actively involved in flipping furniture as of today, June 20, 2017?

  • Latanya says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful info you provided! You did a great job with the video. This info has inspired me to start a business

  • Bobbi says:

    Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Iā€™m beginning to feel hopeful…that I can start this business!

  • Eric Williams says:

    Are you still doing this in 2020?

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