[SOLD] A Freaking DEAL

This sold the same day... NO where would a person get a toddler bed of this quality, with the mattress and the bedding (sheets/blankets). I only paid $10 for it and I priced it at $50.00. Calls came in so very fast and it was gone within a couple hours. I should have at least listed it for $99 or even $75… I would have gotten it! But my goal was to quickly FREE up my cash so I could buy more stuff. As you’ll later learn, I started to specialize in antiques because I was able to get more money…

$10 is all it takes to get into this business when you know where to go get stuff like this at rock bottom prices

  • Crystal says:

    This is a good website for examples and great info for would-be furniture flippers. Newbies, do not be afraid – see how it can be done – you gotta start somewhere and here is some inspiration!

  • Drew says:

    I started out with less then $20.00 bucks (16) to be exact. I bought this old funky dresser/night stand painted it.(only cause i had a lot of time on my hands) at first I had trouble getting rid of it for a while but then again i really wasent trying to hustle this piece yet. Long story short i traded it for this recliner witch turned out to be Genuine Leather I could flip it for at least 90 or even 60 to move it fast but for now i am keeping it Thanks again

    • Flipping Furniture says:

      That is great news… Thanks for sharing Drew!

      That’s why I love this business. You decide what you want to keep and when you get tired of it, you can sell it.

      I enjoy everything I get and use it while I have it. My wife cries a lot when some of our stuff gets sold — she’s gotten herself attached. I have no feelings — I bought the stuff with the intentions to sell it.

      One lady felt bad taking a set of chairs we had because of the way my wife was carrying on (crying).

      • Temecia says:

        When you say “carrying on” it reminds me of how we speak in the Caribbean. This is a great business idea. Why didn’t I think of it? Thanks 🙂

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